Dr. Andrew Kos - Lecture on 10.01.2019

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Thursday, 10 January 2019 at 4:15 pm in room 217

Dr. Andrew Kos
CEO, Terrasense Switzerland Ltd:

Seeing the big picture with radar remote sensing
From research to practice

Rock slope monitoring requires a view of the big picture, so that engineering geologists/geologists
may recognize differences between the signs of immanent catastrophic failure versus symptomatic
small-scale local failures. For this purpose, ground-based radar remote sensing has emerged as an
alternative to traditional techniques for diverse slope monitoring applications.
Over the last decade, Terrasense Switzerland Ltd, a recognized ETH Spin off, has played a lead
role in pioneering slope deformation monitoring for decision makers in public safety, research and
private sectors. The interface between applications in research and practice will be illustrated
through selected case studies. A special focus will be made on the 2017 Pizzo Cengalo rock avalanche, Canton Graubünden, Switzerland.