Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peter Bayer - Lecture on 24.01.2019

  Scheme geothermal energy in the city Copyright: © Peter Bayer  

Thursday, 24 January 2019 at 4:15 pm in room 217

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Peter Bayer, Professor in Geothermics, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Institut für neue Energiesysteme (InES), Ingolstadt:

Climate change beneath our feet: Exploring the thermal evolution of shallow groundwater

Shallow aquifers are sluggish systems in comparison to the connected atmospheric environment. They act like batteries that memorize thermal variations induced from above. We observe delayed thermal responses to global climate change in measured long-term time series of groundwater temperatures. Strongest thermal anomalies are found beneath cities, where the combined effect of multiple factors induces evolving subsurface urban heat islands. This presentation reveals spatial and temporal trends observed in rural and urban environments in central Europe. Utilizing measurements from groundwater, land-surface and air temperature, thermal coupling is studied through correlation analysis and analytical simulation.