Hydrogeological properties of the Luxembourg sandstone

  Outcrop of the Luxemburg-Sandstone Copyright: © Thielen

Hydrogeological properties of the Luxembourg sandstone

Project term: 2018 to 2021



Claude Thielen



+49 241 80 99774



Project members: Claude Thielen, Thomas R. Rüde

The dissertation topic deals with the hydrogeological properties of the Luxembourg sandstone (Lower Jurassic). As the most important groundwater reservoir in Luxembourg, this aquifer plays a major role in supplying the country with drinking water.

The groundwater moves in the fractures and crevices of the solid rock aquifer, while the matrix serves as a reservoir for the water. Intermediate, strongly calcareous stretches appear as localized aquitards and create heterogeneities of the matrix in the aquifer. The research focus is the transport of substances within these fracture systems and the consideration of possible modeling methods. The research is being carried out both in small-scale laboratory experiments and in the field at a source site in Luxembourg.

From the findings gained in this project, a better understanding of groundwater movements as well as transport routes and reactions in the Luxembourg sandstone should be obtained.