Dr. Mirko Francioni - Vortrag am 4. Juli 2019

  Remote sensing Urheberrecht: © Dr. Francioni Figure: Application of airborne LiDAR in the analysis of historic slope failures

Thursday, 4 July 2019 at 4:15 pm in room 217

Dr. Mirko Francioni, Research Associate at Chieti & Pescara University, Italy


The Role of Remote Sensing in Engineering Geology; From Landslide Analysis to Rock Mass Characterization

Over the last two decades, the approach to the investigation of engineering geological problems has changed dramatically. The advent of new remote sensing sensors and techniques has led to step-change increases in the quality of data availabl in the geosciences and geoengineering. Laser scanning/LiDAR, digital photogrammetry, and InSAR are the most-commonly used remote sensing techniques in engineering geology and geo-hazard studies. These techniques can be ground-based or, due to the high spatial resolution achievable with the newly available sensors, airplanes, drones, and satellite platforms can be used in the interpretation of geoengineering projects at a large scale. This presentation showcases the application of remote sensing in engineering geological problems and geo-hazard studies. These will include the analysis of landslides and the engineering characterization of rock-masses. Special attention will also be given to the use of GIS based methods for remotely sensed data processing, interpretation and modeling.