Schematic sketch with the main research areas of hydrogeology Copyright: © LFH  


Our research focuses on the assessment of available groundwater resources with hydrogeological and numerical modeling tools and the protection of the groundwater resource. We always consider groundwater as part of an open natural system that absorbs substances such as arsenic and uranium from the rock, but also anthropogenic changes, e.g. through nitrate. Our research projects often cover a wide range of questions from the region, but also with research partners from Mexico and Indonesia.

Selected ongoing research projects

Finished projects


Research focus

  • Geogenic groundwater pollution
  • Contaminated sites and groundwater remediation
  • Water extraction
  • Groundwater lowering and recovery in the context of open pit lignite mining
  • Interaction Mining - Groundwater and Acid Main Drainage
  • Abandoned mines and underground materials
  • Karstic systems
  • Hydrogeological and numerical modeling