Long-term monitoring of unstable rock slopes in a permafrost environment in Canton of Glarus, Switzerland



Funding: German Research Foundation - large-scale equipment, own funding

Project duration: 2023-????

Project Partners: Gemeinde Glarus Süd, SLF Davos


  Picture to SPINE Copyright: © © LIH

Degradation of permafrost in alpine rock slopes is often seen as a causal factor for increased rockfall, rock avalanches and even landslides. The LIH team has been dealing with deep unstable rock slopes in alpine permafrost for almost 2 decades. To better understand the processes of destabilization and progressive failure development, two ground-based interferometric radar systems were installed on two rock slopes in the Canton of Glarus, Switzerland in summer of 2023. The installations allow surface displacements to be recorded at a unique spatial and temporal resolution. The continuous displacement measurements are supplemented with high-resolution drone / laser scan images as well as the recording of rock / air temperature and relative humidity.

Project Team:
Florian Amann (contact person)
Anja Dufresne
Pooya Hamdi
Emilie Lemaire
Hannes Beier
David Rother (Student Reserach Assistant)
Sven Szardien (Student Reserach Assistant)