CO2SINUS – CO2 Storage in in situ Converted Coal Seams

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CO2SINUS – CO2 Storage in in situ Converted Coal Seams

Funding: BMBF, DFG Special Program: Geotechnologies

Program: Exploration, Use and Protection of the Subsoil

Project term: 2008 to 2010


Background and methodology

The continuous decline in coal production and the planned phasing out of the German hard coal mining industry underline the importance of the possible use of unexploited coal seams in Germany and worldwide. A utilization concept that combines the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions with economical and environmentally friendly energy generation can offer significant advantages. An intensive study of national and international publications and reports with regard to UTV techniques (drilling, gasification and gas processing technology) and the subsequent development and evaluation of a feasible UTV-CCS technology with regard to economic efficiency and environmental compatibility form the first part of the project. The environmental impact of the controlled application of UTV-CCS technology is assessed on the basis of internationally available data.


The objective of the project is the development and investigation of a low-emission power plant based on the use of synthetic gas from the UTV and subsequent CO2 storage in the resulting residues of the in-situ converted coal seams. Economic and environmental aspects are examined and evaluated with regard to the UTV-CCS technology to be developed.

Project partners and funding

This project (funding number 03G0691B) is being carried out in close cooperation with DMT GmbH & Co. KG as part of the GEOTECHNOLOGIEN "Exploration, Use and Protection of the Underground" program. Funding is provided by the BMBF and the DFG.