Hydrogeological Cartography

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Hydrogeological Cartography

Funding: Environmental Agency NRW / Geological Survey NRW

Project term: 1958 to 2008


In collaboration with the Geological Survey and the Regional Environmental Agency of North-Rhine Westfalia (NRW) official, hydrogeological maps are produced by the LIH. Fundamental information on groundwater assessments in NRW, situated in the middle western part of Germany, have been provided for decades. Based on the work of Prof. Breddin, who started with hydrogeological mapping in NRW in 1952, the original map layout is still part of the map sheets but was extended during the last decades. Risk maps on the contaminants immissions reveal the adoption process to the modern users needs is one example of the adoptions made. The methodological and illustration tools e.g. Geografic Information Systems (GIS) and related geodatabases provide a maximal transparency, flexibility and accuracy of the handling procedure.