Course of Study


The Department of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology and the Institute of Hydrogeology are involved in the teachings of the Bachelor/Master studies of Applied Geosciences and Management of Georessources. Additionally special classes are given to students of Civil Engineering, Waste Management Engineering, Business Administration and Engineering, Mining Engineering and Applied Geographic.

Beside the basic courses in Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology the Department also offers classes in subjects such as tunnelling, groundwater exploration and remediation techniques for contaminated sites.

The Department has its own seminar rooms in which most of the classes are taking place. The well equipped GIS-Laboratory is used for the practical instruction in computer based processing of geoinformations and numerical modelling. Teaching contents are consolidated by field-trips and field-practice.

Engineering Geology

The lessons cover a wide range of soil and rock mechanics problems and focus on applied topics with many case studies from all over the world. Within the framework of current research projects, thesis topics are available which not only offer the opportunity to participate in exciting top-level research, but also to make valuable contacts for the future. We place great value on practical experience in practice and in the laboratory and maintain a teaching environment that enables performance and thinking outside the box and guides our students to go beyond their perceived limits.


The study program Applied Geosciences teaches methods for groundwater hydraulic and hydrochemical investigations and for the determination of transport parameters are taught here. Modelling of groundwater flow and substance dispersion as well as well construction for the supply of groundwater follow in depth.

In addition to methodological skills, such as the use of geoinformation systems, time series analyzes and multivariate statistics, the emphasis in the course of georesource management lies on the protection of groundwater resources and their well-planned management.