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Staff at LIH research current topics concerning natural hazards from the influence of a warming climate on periglacial slope stability to the identification of harmful substances in ground- and surface water. Our expertise in slope and landslide research includes mapping and monitoring slope deformation, landslide susceptibility analyses, investigating slope failure and landslide runout processes from rock mechanics to microstructural analyses, kinematic and numerical slope stability analyses, and assessment of natural dam formation and failure processes. The water related issues focus on the detection of (in-) organic micro pollutants and other harmful substances that threaten water quality and affect human health. Using a laser-induced Raman and fluorescence spectrometer, we develop methods for real-time monitoring of surface and treated wastewater.



Anja Dufresne

Leader of the research group


+49 241 80 96779



Current Projects Landslides

Landslides Dams

Paraglacial Rockslope Stability, Grewingk, Alaska

Long-term monitoring of unstable rock slopes in a permafrost environment in Canton of Glarus, Switzerland