Current projects

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  • LFH_Luxemburger Sandstein
    Hydrogeological properties of the Luxembourg sandstone

    The dissertation topic deals with the properties of the Luxembourg sandstone aquifer. Investigations in field and laboraty tests are used to describe the chemical interaction of fractures and matrix with respect to the flow dynamics.

  • LFH_Bergwerk
    Radon in abandoned mines and karst caves

    The Project deals with the measurement of natural radioactivity in air, ground- and mine water. For this purpose methods are evolved that help understanding the transport of radioactive particles from the rock into the mine water and from the mine water into the air.

  • LFH_Projekt_Heiming
    Regional hydrogeological model of the karst aquifers of the eastern right-Rhine Rhenish Slate Mountains

    The project aims at the development of a hydrogeological model of the Devonian karst aquifers of the eastern right-Rhine Rhenish Slate Mountains. The objective of the hydrogeological modeling is to make a contribution to an improved understanding of the regional overall system and to generate a sound basis of assessment for future issues.

  • LFH_Projekt_UranGrundwasser
    Uranium in groundwater

    Uranium is – in addition to its radioactivity – a strong kidney toxicant and since 2011, a toxicologically justified regulatory limit for drinking water was established. In a study for the State Environmental Agency of Bavaria (LfU Bayern) in 2011 it was shown that local high uranium contents in groundwater in the Lech Valley originate from lowland fen soils. Uranium is released from these triggered by agricultural measures – peat decomposition by drainage and nitrate input.