Dima Shamsedine

M. Sc.

PhD Student

Dima Shamsedine
Chair of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology


Building: 1540

Room: 111

Lochnerstrasse 4-20

52056 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 92986
Fax Fax: +49 241 80 92280

Research Interests

My research focuses on understanding the strength, deformational characteristics, and failure mechanism of rock masses containing non-persistent discontinuities. During my work, I will be performing laboratory tests on 3D printed samples that mimic the behavior of weak sandstones and use Finite-Discrete Element Method to model their behavior.

Current Projects

Understanding Failure Mechanism of Non-Persistent Discontinuities Using 3D-Printed Synthetic Rock Mass | In collaboration with material scientists and researchers at GeoPrint Research Center within the Chair of Reservoir Geomechanics at University of Alberta, Canada | 2021-2024 | DFG | Pls: Dr. Pooya Hamdi, Prof. Dr. Florian Amann. More Information

Professional Experience

Research internship: Numerical Modelling of Rock-Concrete Interface Failure using Python| 3SR Lab (France) | 2021.


2019-2021 Diploma in Civil, Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering at Grenoble INP - ENSE3, France
2016-2021 Diploma in Civil Engineering at Lebanese University Faculty of Engineering, Lebanon

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