Guest Editors for Journal Landslides and Volcanoes

  Guest Editors for journal Landslides and Volcanoes

Following an invitation from the journal Remote Sensing, Prof. Dr. Nicole Richter and Dr. Anja Dufresne are guest editors for a special issue on “Landslides and Volcanoes”. The focus for this collection of articles lies on applying remote-sensing techniques to understand the processes that shape volcanic landforms, cause (rock or volcano) slopes to fail, and help identify and understand landslide runout and distribution. Especially invited are emerging scientists who work across disciplines and focus on process understanding, such as:

  • Slope failure in rock, soil, or volcanic materials;
  • Landslide propagation and debris distribution;
  • Volcanic intrusions or eruptions with associated flank instability;
  • Volcano edifice stability and mass wasting;
  • Process coupling and cascade effects.

Paper submission deadline: 15 January 2023.